The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

Gifting in India has never been an easy task. With so many options available for every occasion – diwali, anniversary – wedding, it is a mind-boggling task to come up with a new gift each and every time. The best gifts are those that take a minimum amount of time and money but creates a lot of impact in the minds of the receiver. But what if you are meeting a new date or meeting a friend after a long time or have just visited your aunt or your nephew. We have all been there confused and dazed with a very short time to think and purchase a new gift. Gifts Below 100 rupees might not sound like a lot of money, which is the reason why the gift should be as simple as possible but it ultimately depends upon the occasion and the purchase.

As we have said multiple times before, the price of the gift comes later, first comes the thoughtfulness, the action itself speaks louder than the actual gift. The occasions for gifting might vary but below are some of the occasions when gifting below 100 rupees makes sense:-

  1. Visiting a friend’s house after a long time
  2. Housewarming gifts for cousin
  3. Weekend visit to a cousins home
  4. 1st date when you hold on to your purse
  5. Festival Occasions like Diwali, Christmas, Bhai bhej, Akshaye Tritiya
  6. Donations to orphanages
  7. Visiting someone with kids
  8. Return gifts to people
  9. A way of saying Thank you or Sorry
  10. … and many more


The best gift: A handcrafted gift or a hand-written card as shown below is still considered the best gift if you consider the impact it has. The custom design can be in the form of collection of photos in a frame or a quote in a frame or a simple poster which is designed on canva by the person. The time consumed will be more but so will the result.

We at have done all the hard work for you in coming with ideas for the gift and hopefully guide you to the gift that you are looking for. The most brilliant ways are still something well thought-out, for example if the person you know is a huge Marvel / DC / Comic guy fan, then consider gifting a new comic-book or an Art piece about Spiderman.

We have created for the people who are in a hurry love content in a multimedia format.

The complete guide has been divided based upon the category of the Art Pieces, Books, Games, Stationery and Chocolates.

Showpieces / Art Pieces as Gifts

Art Pieces or Showpieces are commonly used for home decor as well as paperweights for you. They add to the cultural liveliness of anyones home and are considered gifts where you just cannot go wrong. Some options for Showpieces or Art Pieces are given below

A handmade product from artisans, this Rosewood Spectacle Holder can be used as a simple table decor tool for people. A gift where you just cannot go wrong as well it looks funky.

Rosewood Spectacle Holder

India's true beauty lies in villages, and a testimony to that fact are the handcrafted products that are produced in these villages and enjoyed by millions globally. This is a finely carved wooden sculpture from the Brand " Desi Karigar " that neatly holds your glasses. It is made from Indian rosewood by artisans from Saharanpur, India. It is in the shape of a nose and a mouth that stands on its own. The glasses rest on the "nose", with the back securing them in place. This wooden statuette is perfect for holding your glasses when you're not using them and also add a fun touch to your desktop. Good for your desk, side table or bedside. Great for gifting too!
A Feng Shui Product, its commonly used as a decorative product in your car or your home. If you are a believer in Genf Shui or if you believe the person to be gifted is passionate about Feng Shui, then consider gifting this product.

Feng Shui Ganesha

This beautiful Hanging with images of your favourite deity, comes in a very convenient size and shape. The sacred and religious motifs embellished on the hanging with holy scriptures gives it a spiritual aura. This powerful hanging is specifically designed to protect you when you are mobile or on a journey with your family or business colleagues, you can hang it in your vehicle and invoke the divine blessings and spiritual safety during your travels.
A simple and sober Feng Shui Golden Bell Hanging which can be used by the person you are gifting as a car hanging or a wall hanging.

Golden Bell Hanging

This beautiful Hanging with images of your favourite deity, comes in a very convenient size and shape. The sacred and religious motifs embellished on the hanging with holy scriptures gives it a spiritual aura. This powerful hanging is specifically designed to protect you when you are mobile or on a journey with your family or business colleagues, you can hang it in your vehicle and invoke the divine blessings and spiritual safety during your travels.

Books as Gifts

Books are considered timeless and food for the soul. You just can’t go wrong with them. If the person you are gifting is bookworm, then consider giving him a new best-seller or a recently released book. Do always prefer giving a hard copy and not the kindle version, it just feels more tangible.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind is one of the most remarkable book which does not age. It explains a new way to understand how to live, treat, love, achieve, survive in our current world. A timeless masterpiece perfect for gifting for every age young and small. [goodreviews isbn="8192910962" buyinfo="off" bookinfo="off"]

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

An ideal book to unravel your sub-conscious

Did you know that your mind has a 'mind' of its own? Yes! Without even realizing, our mind is often governed by another entity which is called the sub-conscious mind.

This book can bring to your notice the innate power that the sub-conscious holds. We have some traits which seem like habits, but in reality these are those traits which are directly controlled by the sub-conscious mind, vis-à-vis your habits or your routine can be changed if you can control and direct your sub-conscious mind positively. To be able to control this 'mind power' and use it to improve the quality of your life is no walk in the park. This is where this book acts as a guide and allows you to decipher the depths of the sub-conscious.

In this book, 'The power of your subconscious mind', the author fuses his spiritual wisdom and scientific research to bring to light how the sub-conscious mind can be a major influence on our daily lives. Once you understand your subconscious mind, you can also control or get rid of the various phobias that you may have in turn opening a brand new world of positive energy.

About the book

The book is available in two types, the kindle edition as well as the paperback edition. The book contains 312 pages of wisdom and positive energy. The modern English language used is easy to understand.

Book size:

The book is sized at 19.6 x 13 x 2.5 cm which makes portable in nature.

About the Author:

Born in Ireland, Joseph Murphy was ordained in Devine Science and Religious Science. The way you see things will change completely after you finish reading this book.

You can bag this book from today by following a few easy steps.

The title itself says a lot about the book, its a new way to think about life and is a well-written and well-read book. A 4+ star rating on Amazon as well as a 3.78 star rating on good reads says a lot about this book and is considered perfect for gifting young as well as adults people.[goodreviews isbn="817992162X" buyinfo="off" bookinfo="off"]

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

A renowned inspirational fiction, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a revealing story that offers the readers a simple yet profound way to live life. The plot of this story revolves around Julian Mantle, a lawyer who has made his fortune and name in the profession. A sudden heart-attack creates havoc in the successful lawyer’s life. Jolted by the sudden onset of the illness, his practice comes to a standstill. He ponders over material success being worth it all, renounces all of it and leaves for India.

A visit to India about a spiritual awakening that opens up new vistas and Julian begins to view life in a different perspective. He decides to live his life once again but in a way that is much more fulfilling and meaningful than before.

In the book, the reader goes through a spiritual journey and into a very old culture that has gathered much wisdom over the millennia. The book advocates about how to live happily, think deep and rightly, value time and relationships, be more disciplined, follow the heart’s call and live every moment of the life.

Written in simple words, the book has turned out to be a bestseller and is more than just an endearing story. Through storytelling, Robin Sharma showcases the miracles and wonders of living a fulfilling life. In the process, the book introduces readers to enlightening yet simple principles that vouch to make life better, happier and more meaningful.

A bestselling novel, what readers all over the globe appreciate about this book is its deft amalgam of the philosophies from both western and eastern worlds. The book has been followed by important personalities around the world.

About the Author

Robin Sharma, the bestselling author of 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari', first published in 1999, is an International Leadership Professional Guru who is credited with having written 15 books on leadership. He has been guiding people to live a better life, by drawing inspiration from his own life experiences. The Leader Who Had No Title, The Leader Who Had No Title, The Greatness Guide and The Saint and The Saint are among his best books. He heads the Sharma Leadership International Inc, a firm that trains people in leadership. A former litigation lawyer, Robin holds a law degree from Dalhousie Law School, Canada. This book along with The Greatness Guide has been among the world’s bestsellers and has been translated in as many as 70 languages all over the world.

Toys / Games as Gifts

Small Toys and Games are considered as a good gift if you the person you are gifting have kids or are expecting a child.

Fidget spinners are the new thing on the block. It can be used for gifting for all occasions and is available for very cheap, under 100 rupees

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

This performance spinner is injection molded from ABS plastic. This results in a better finish, higher strength, and much higher shatter resistance when compared to more common 3D printed spinners. The high performance bearing in the centre allows higher spinning time, and glides effortlessly in your hands. The sides have been created wisely to give the spinner additional inertia for long spins, and each side also provides great off-centre fidgeting fun.
Another gift which is a soft toy where it is difficult for you to go wrong. It's made Of Soft Fur & Plush Fabric, small in size and is considered a very simple to give to children and adults alike. A no-brainer if you want to give it as a gift.

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

This Cuddly Toy Is In Vibrant And Striking Colour That Will Attract The Attention Of Your Little One. Made Of Soft Fur & Plush Fabric, It Is Safe For All Ages With No Small Or Loose Parts.Key Features Ã'Â'¬Â¢ Soft And Furry Ã'Â'¬Â¢ Epitome Of Hugs And Cuddles Ã'Â'¬Â¢ Soft And Furry Ã'Â'¬Â¢ Machine/Home Washable Ã'Â'¬Â¢ Environment Friendly Material Ã'Â'¬Â¢ Adorable And Huggable The Stuff Teddy Toy From Joey Toys Can Be Your Child'S Best Friend And Playmate With Which Your Child Can Spend Their Leisure Time. This Soft Toy Is Easy To Carry By Your Little One. Adorable And Huggable The Beautiful Color And The Teddy'S Cute Expression Makes It Look Adorable And Huggable. Machine Or Home Washable The Stains And Dirt Can Be Easily Removed By Machine Or Hand Washing It. Environment Friendly Material Made Of Environment Friendly Material, This Soft Toy Ensures Safety For Your Kid. Soft And Furry This Joey Toy'S Teddy Is Sure To Attract Your Child As It Is Soft And Furry In Texture.
There are magic tricks, complete acts, thousands of youtube videos just based upon this simple 3d cube. You must have grown up with it and it continues to enthrall generations after generations. An amazing gift if you for 120 rupees only.

Rubik's Cube

The ShengShou Cube is a really great cube to have for many reasons. It's not only a very quiet cube, but it is ideal for speedcubing. The turning is like a combination of a Type F II and a DaYan GuHong, resulting in a very smooth and gummy feel. The pieces on this cube are very unique and high-quality.

Collection of photos

Available for 80 rupees for 10 prints on Vistaprint

Vista Photo Print
A personalized collection of photos for the person to whom you are giving the present to. Available on VistaPrint only for Rs 80 for 10 photos. Print ten or more copies of the same photo and share it with your friends and family.

Visit VistaPrint

Stationery, Pens & Electronics

Parker pens have been used for gifting for a very long time. In fact, their complete business model revolves around selling gifts in the form of premium pens. Stationery kits are new to the market and should be considered for gifting if the person to whom you are gifting are children

All Parker Pens under Rs 100

A Parker pen is considered a standard gift where its hard to go wrong. This is available for 100 rupees which is considered quite remarkable.

Parker Beta Standard Chrome

Molded plastic barrel in black color with an attractive grey wrap on cap.cap on/cap off fitted with new system ark refill.

Camlin Stationery Kit should be used for gifting to kids who have just rejoin school soon. Its a simple pack of six items including pencil, scale, mechanical pencil, CD-DVD marker, highlighter pen and oil pastels. An amazing gift for kids of all age groups

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

Chocolates / Sweets as Gifts

Who does not love eating chocolates ? If you are in a quick hurry and don’t know will fit Chocolates will be your option to gift. The one of the quickest methods to quickly buy and can be given even without gift-wrapping are the famous cadbury packs. It is hard to go wrong with these

If you are ordering from an online marketplace like amazon, do not forget to gift-wrap the present freely

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies - great for gifting if you are visiting for dinner to a friends place or made a social call. Available at a very small price

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

The product comes in a pack of 200 grams and has a shelf life of 3 months.

Pillsbury Cookie Cake

An unexpected treat that combines the playfulness of a cookie and elegance of a cake. Experience the unique combination of chunky choco chips hidden inside moist rich soft cake with choco drizzle on top.
A quick way to gift someone under Rs 100 especially if the person you are gifting is a small kid or a someone who loves this biscuits.

Biscuitwaala Fruit Biscuits

This is product has refined wheat flour, edible vegetable fat, sugar, tutty fruity, cashew, custard powder, milk solids, etc..
Nutty Yogi Coconut Chips are made with premium quality coconuts, a very thin and crispy for your everyday snacking. This product is great for gifting anyone on multiple occasions

Nutty Yogi Coconut Chips

If you are looking for sweet taste but at the same time you want it to be healthy, then Nutty Yogi Chocolate Coconut Chips are going to be your favorite.
Nutty claims to be India's First Peanut Butter Brand and the Peanut Butter Chocolate has 5 star reviews on amazon. Do worth a try

Nutty Peanut Butter Chocolate

Nutty Peanut Butter Chocolate is a blend of Cocoa Powder with Peanut Butter. This Recipe is Indian Originated & made by United Foods - India.
Pringles Potato Chips

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts Below 100 Rupees

When its about quality and perfection, there is nothing other than 100% Original Xiaomi Redmi Note Case_Design no.2. This case will not only compliment your new phone, but also add on to your style and ease of use. This Product comes with Xiaomi logo on product and on retail packing for product. Also note that Free Screen Guard is of high quality generic item. please take care of this fact while ordering.

The above list is quite comprehensive but there will be certain items that we could have missed. Do mention in the comments below what else have we missed