Electromagnetism Activity Kit

The Electromagnetism Activity Kit is one of the most amazing gift for kids who are eager to learn about science through fun projects. A must-have gift for kid’s birthdays. Review on Amazon My kid is using this kit for making the Electromagnetism activity. thanks for amazon providing this kit. Perform over 40 activities using electromagnets, […]

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Amazing Science Experiments with Everyday Materials

You get over 60 easy-to-do science experiments that surprise, astound, startle and bewilder and can be performed with materials from around your house and best of all, you learn why each experiment works. A great educational book for available for gifting. Review from Amazon Superb book … Pictures provided with beautiful explanation …

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100 Amazing Make-it-Yourself Science Fair Projects

100 Amazing Make-it-Yourself Science Fair Projects

This book explains the toughest concepts in a very easy format with amazing Make-it-yourself Science Fair Projects. Very Helpfull book.

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How things work

How Things Work Encyclopedia is an amazing gift for kids above 9 years of age to instill curiosity in Science rather than iPads. One of the few books being selected for Editor’s Bookshelf from Amazon, great for gifting young kids. Review from Amazon: An excellent book for kids and library shelf… Worth it

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The World’s Favourite

The box contains Agatha Chritie’s best-selling books ‘And then there were none’, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’, favorite for gifting someone who loves reading or is into murder mysteries. These books are considered the best in murder mysterious and look amazing in any book collection

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The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings epic saga transports you to a complete different realm and has a huge dedicated fan following among others, ideal for gifting any book lover or a children who loves reading. The Lord of the Rings, features striking black covers based on Tolkien’s own design, the definitive text, and three maps […]

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Hogwarts Classics

The Hogwarts Classics Box Set consists of 2 books Quidditch Throught the Ages and Tales of Beetles the Bard, 2 extremely popular books, ideal for gifting a harry potter fan. A handsome addition to any magical library, these gorgeous, hardback gift editions of two magical classics from J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world come in an irresistible […]

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Harry Potter Book Set

Who needs an introduction to Harry Potter? The perfect gift for kids and adults alike, this gift will surely keep anyone occupied for days as well as a fan for years. One of the most famous books for children, young adult and adults alike – Harry potter 1 to 7 by J K Rowling is […]

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A Song of Ice and Fire

Who has not heard about Game of Thrones, if you love game of thrones then you must love this book set of all 7 books of A Song Ice & Fire. One of the reviews on amazon: Amazing calendar. The illustrations are amazing. As someone who read the books first, i find these illustrations MORE […]

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Origin – Dan Brown

Origin: Number 5 of the Robert Langdon Series is a great fiction read coming from Dan Brown. A great birthday present for anyone with all reviews 4 stars and up and positive reviews on all channels. One of the reviews on the website: Captivating and thrilling read. Dan Brown has done an exceptional job. Unexpected […]

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Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts

Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts is an interesting read and makes the perfect gift if the person you are gifting works in the finance domain or follows the stock market One of the reviews of the book: Detailed, well researched journey of the Indian stock market going back to the inception of the Dalal Street, […]

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Hit Refresh

An awesome gift if you are considering this book from Microsoft CEO who tells his tale of his journey from a childhood India to leading one of the most valuable company in the world today Microsoft’s CEO tells the inside story of the company’s continuing transformation, while tracing his own journey from a childhood in […]

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How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life

How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life authored by Lilly Singh is great book for gifting any young girl who is into reading. Listed as a best-seller, its extremely a good gift idea for anyone. From actress, comedian and YouTube sensation Lilly Singh (aka Superwoman) comes the definitive guide to being a […]

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts I & II

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts I & II is a great book for gifting everyone with J.K.Rowling weaving yet another amazing story. Ideal for gifting anyone on any occasion Being labelled as ‘the boy who lived’ for his whole life has not been easy for Harry Potter. In the official eighth installment of […]

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Bhagavad-Gita (Hindi)

Bhagavad-Gita (Hindi) is one of the most profound book that sums up the essence of all that Hindu philosophy stands for and one of top gifts to gift to your granddad or grandmom. Its learnings are being taught in all top B-Schools across the world This Hindi version of the Bhagavad Gita has been translated […]

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Playing it my Way – Sachin Tendulkar

In India cricket is religion and Sachin Tendulkar is the god himself. This book will make an amazing gift for his fans who want to get a detailed glimpse in his life. Playing it my Way – Sachin Tendulkar is the autobiography of legend and the renowned personality in cricket, a great book for gifting […]

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Origami Series

Origami Step by Step is a Set of Six Fun – Filled and Creativity Enhancing Origami Books and great for gifting to kids as well. Origami is considered one of the best books for accelerating the development of young kids and is important to increase their creativity. We have Tried to Recreate the Popular Japanese […]

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Picturepedia is an amazing book with more than 10,000 stunning photographs, illustrations, and maps and a good present to kids for their birthdays. Gifting this book will contribute a great deal for learning & development for the kids as well. From tiny insects and spy technology to the Big Bang theory and violent volcanoes, Picturepedia […]

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection is a great do-it-yourself book which will encourage children to start writing their own diary. It makes a perfect gift for kids as well who are interested in reading. Throughout the books, Greg has to deal with all the issues that affect any child’s life – embarrassing families, […]

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Kindle E-reader

The Kindle E-reader is considered of the best electronic items ever from Amazon and makes for an excellent gift as well. You can enjoy every book ever written with Amazon’s vast collection as well as Hindi and English Books and gifting to any person will be perfect. One of the reviews on the website: Perfect […]

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