Barbie Birthday Wishes

Barbie Birthday Wishes is a premium barbie product but perfect for a birthday gift for girls. The perfect special present to celebrate birthday for your loved one. Happy birthday Your special day is here at last, and birthday wishes Barbie doll is excited to join your celebration The skirt is made of pink pleated tulle […]

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Barbie Pasta Chef

Barbie Pasta Chef is the perfect gift for girls who show an interest for cooking. Gift for girls age 10. Features: Get cooking with this Barbie play set designed for serving up spaghetti dinners Barbie doll will heat up the kitchen in a chef inspired top with blue apron detail, black pants, blue shoes and […]

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Barbie Club Playhouse

Barbie Club Playhouse is Two stories and lots of play space make the house the perfect place for young imaginations to explore. Ideal for gifting girls below age 10 with so many features : Brght colours, themed decals and decorative accents are charming. Chelsea doll wears a skirt with white polka dots and pink sandals. […]

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Barbie Doll Playset

The Barbie doll comes with lots of glam accessories like a hairbrush and doll hair dryer let young stylists play out the prep on Barbie doll to get her ready for any occasion. A collection of clips and accessories lets them add shape and color. An Ideal Gift for girls 10 years of age, something […]

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